Siren #16: Copper Witch

Siren #16: Copper Witch


This is one of a tallest Witch’s Hat Phonograph Horns we have ever had in our possession. She’s big and beautiful and made of copper. She is married to a reclaimed floor joist from Plays & Players Theater on Delancy Street in Philadelphia, PA and stands about 3 feet tall.

This type of horn was used with an Edison cylinder phonograph and/or Columbia graphaphone. It would have come with a support crane. We needed to build a crane for this horn as well to prevent her from tipping over..

This large horn was given to us as a gift (or perhaps a challenge) by our neighbor Jerry. This was a challenge for sure. Could we make it work? Would it fall over? How big do we have to make the base? We had many neighborhood consultations while building this baby.

Copper Witch currently lives with a goddess named Jacyln Diamond. She is the owner of Feather & Acorn and Indigo Healing Arts Collective.

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