Thank you


Thank you for those of you who have supported our work and made a purchase!

So many people have helped us along the way. We have angels who randomly drop off wood, horns, and found objects, or help us fix things that are broken.

We are grateful for people who are scavenging on our behalf, gathering fallen trees from the roadside, donating leftover lumber, getting our work into retail stores and galleries, keeping our tent from blowing over at outdoor markets, etc…

Special thanks to Jon Ash, Heidi Barr, Karol Bock, Ed Buck, Rob Borgstrom, Paula Dale, Terry Davis, Rob Edmondson, Shannon & Brent Elliot, David Ellsworth, Greg Flegal, Matthew Formica, Pat & Donna Francher, David Godfrey, Judith & Stuart Hain, Doug Harnsberger & Cindy MacLeod, Scott Hepler, Betsy & Norm Hinsey, Joshua Izzo, Arlene Jones, James Peyon-Jones, Machele Kortum, Kate Leavy, Andrea Packard, Brian Paul, Martha Perkins, Bill Pinder, Aseel Rasheed, Gideon Rettich, Andy Rosen, Jerry & Cheryl Shaffer, Susan & Robert Smythe, Birgit Splitt & Struan Grant, Kate Tejada, Maria Urrutia & Adam Smith, and James Wasserman.