Siren #94: Minimavox

Siren #94: Minimavox


We believe this is a Magnavox M4 Radio Speaker Horn manufactured in 1925. This is one of Magnavox’s smaller radio speaker horns.

From 1920-1926 Magnavox had produced 400,000 speakers. Over 150,000 were the R3 type. Magnavox made more models of radio horn speakers than anyone else during the 1920’s.

For this 2018 re-imagined horn, we’ve replaced Magnavox’s impressive voice coil invention with a simple walnut box from a fallen tree in West Chester, PA. This particular horn stands approximately 15” tall with an 11” bell, has a curved neck, and can swivel in its base. The base is finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax & mineral oil).

Minimavox currently lives with singer & guitar player, Herb Mondros, from Out of Order.

(The last photo is the Magnavox logo- this particular label is on a different Magnavox horn).

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