Sirens #89-90: The Twins

Sirens #89-90: The Twins


The Radiola UZ-1325 loudspeaker utilized a horn manufactured by the Miller Rubber Company (as did all of the upright horns manufactured by RCA). The UZ-1325 was introduced for the 1924 Christmas season and was the last horn marketed by RCA; by the end of 1926, RCA stopped selling horn speakers and moved entirely to cone type speakers.

Siren #89: (3rd Photo)

Siren #90: (4th Photo)

These horns stand approximately 23” tall with a 12” bell. The bases are made from reclaimed walnut and finished with Betty’s Board Butter (Beeswax & mineral oil.)

We got these killer horns as a gift from Rob Borgstrom. Man, we have good peeps in our life. Oh yeah, if you like music, all kinds of music, head on over to Rob’s stellar music venue & unique antique shop, waR3house3.

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