Sirens #3-4: The Initial Ones

Sirens #3-4: The Initial Ones


We started collecting and gathering all kinds of horns in 2015. Car horns, phonograph horns, and radio speaker horns.

We honestly had no idea what we were doing. We didn’t know the value of each horn or how they would actually sound with a smartphone. We slowly began to learn each horn’s idiosyncrasies, and each horn’s abilities to amplify different sound frequencies.

We found the car horns to carry sound quite well and they were portable! Beautiful for bringing music outside on porches, lovely left playing soothing music in nurseries, and perfect for listening to podcasts in smaller rooms.

Siren #3: Early One (photo 1’s lighter horn on right & photo 2). Large Antique/Vintage Car Horn with a salvaged maple base.

Siren #4: Double Trouble (photos 1, 3-4). Made with two antique bicycle/car horns with a reclaimed cherry base. This one of a kind design is the only one we’ve made like it. (well…so far). We sold this horn to Mel Jurist at Sawdust Siren’s FIRST Swarthmore Farmers Market. This is how we actually met and became friends with Mel.

Our sirens have connected us to so many people.

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