Sirens #98-100

Sirens #98-100


Siren #98: Twisted Sister (photos 1-2). This crazy antique/vintage car horn hangs out with a salvaged pine base from an old bed frame elevation block of wood that Jerry found for us. She is approximately 8” tall with a 6” bell. Twisted Sister sold in record time to Mark, who’s building a container house in southern Vermont.

Siren #99: Trumpet Vine (photos 3-4). This antique/vintage automobile horn is approximately 9” tall with a 6” bell. Trumpet Vine lives with a rustic pine base from the same bed elevation device.

Siren #100: C (photos 5-6). OMG!!!! We hit the centennial mark. We cannot believe we have crafted 100 Sawdust Sirens over the past 3 years! Thank you for your support! C is an antique/vintage brass car horn with salvaged walnut base. Approximately 8” tall with a 6” bell.

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