Siren #96: Kent Resonator

Siren #96: Kent Resonator


The Atwater Kent is absolutely one of our favorites!

This Model L Atwater Kent Radio Speaker Horn would have had a cast iron base with speaker driver. These radio horns were originally manufactured in Philadelphia, PA in the 1920’s. This particular horn stands approximately 17” tall, has a 14” bell & can swivel in its base. The base is made from salvaged walnut and finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax and mineral oil).

This killer horn lives with the Sentivan family. They own several mischievous cats. We made sure they purchased one of our heavier horns so Waldo wouldn’t knock it off the piano. Sawdust Siren also got some product placement on the Sentivan’s 2018 holiday card. Way too cool!

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