Siren #92: Ode to Woodrow

Siren #92: Ode to Woodrow


Magnavox launched in 1915 in Oakland, CA with the invention of the first practical loudspeaker, initially utilizing a voice coil diaphragm mounted in the base of a gooseneck horn from an Edison phonograph. Their loudspeakers were the first to be used in public address systems, most notably for President Woodrow Wilson’s speech to 50,000 people in 1919. The Magnavox speaker was a success, as the crowd apparently was able to hear Wilson a mile away from the stadium. This was the first time a president’s voice had been heard through electronically amplified loudspeakers.

For this 2018 re-imagined horn, we’ve replaced Magnavox’s impressive voice coil invention with a simple walnut box from a fallen tree in West Chester, PA.

This particular Magnavox radio speaker horn stands straight with around 23” tall with a 14” bell.

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