Siren #82: Mr. Jensen

Siren #82: Mr. Jensen


The Magnavox Radio Speaker Horn is one of our favorites. The sound is magnificent.

This gooseneck Magnavox Horn has 14: bell and a base made from an unknown piece of firewood from our shop.

Peter Jensen was born in 1886 in Denmark. He worked an apprentice for Danish engineer Valdemar Poulsen, who sent him to America in 1909 to help develop the Poulsen Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company. While in America, Jensen met Edwin Pridham, and the two men formed a small research laboratory where they experimented with Poulson’s arc radio transmitter. With the addition of a diaphragm and some other modifications, they developed the first practical moving coil loudspeaker, using a gooseneck horn from an Edison phonograph for amplification. In 1917, they merged with the Sonora Phonograph Corp, and formed the Magnavox Company in San Francisco.

Jensen left Magnavox in 1925 to start his own company, the Jensen Radio Mfg Co, now known as Jensen Electronics. In 1953, he was knighted by the King of Denmark.

Jensen died at the age of 75 in 1961 , in Western Springs, Illinois.

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