Siren #62: Herodotus

Siren #62: Herodotus


Wow! Love this ad we found for Atwater Kent Radio in Successful Farming.

“It’s surer than the mail…”

“There are times when snow or flood prevents the rural postman from getting around with his news of the outside world. But nothing stops radio waves. And the family that has Atwater Kent Radio is always ready to receive them.”

The first time news was broadcast over radio was in 1916. Several thousand people near New York City tuned in to hear the results of the Presidential election between Woodrow Wilson and Charles Evans Hughes. Prior to that, most people got their news delivered to them in printed form. Think about that for a moment.

This is a Model H Atwater Kent Radio Speaker Horn with a green logo. Approximately 19” tall with a 14” bell. Herodotus has a salvaged walnut base. These horns were originally manufactured in the 1920’s in Philadelphia, PA.

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