Siren #52: Mabe-L

Siren #52: Mabe-L


Mable was Arthur Atwater Kent’s wife.

Our Mabe-L is a Model L Atwater Kent Radio Horn Speaker with a 14” bell. She is happily married to a reclaimed willow oak and walnut base.

WW1 caused a significant change in the role of women in the US, as many women took on jobs that were previously done only by men. Throughout the 1920’s, the influence of women increased, with the right to vote, the right to go to college, and the right to drive. And women played a huge role in electronics manufacturing - many more women than men were responsible for assembling radios and other electronics.

The 2nd photo is from the Library of Congress. It’s a photo Kent and his wife Mable with their daughters Elizabeth and Virginia. They couple also had two boys, Arthur Jr. and Jonathan.

The 3rd photo shows some of the women working at the Atwater Kent Factory in Philadelphia, PA.

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