Siren #48: What Stays in Vegas

Siren #48: What Stays in Vegas


This large Morning Glory or Flower Horn was manufactured by Hawthorne & Sheble Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, PA.

Hawthorne and Sheble were only in the phonograph business for a few years, 1905-1909.  Many people thought of H&S’s products as engineering art - functional, but also visually interesting and imaginative. They made beautiful cabinets of solid wood as well as bright, glowing horns like this one.  Their competitors, Victor and Columbia, created more mundane-looking products, but they were able to squash competitors like H&S.

This horn has ten panels and the H & S decal. This horn stands approximately 32" tall with a 22” bell. The base is made of reclaimed walnut and finished with Betty’s Board Butter.

Siren #48 decided to stay in Las Vegas, Nevada with our buddy Andy Schmitz.

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