Siren #42: Waffles

Siren #42: Waffles


You may think of a waffle as a grid-patterned pancake-like food that is tasty with syrup. Well you would be right. It’s also the name of Siren #42. This Atwater Kent Radio Speaker Horn was made for Marc Schmidt, one of the founders of Waffles for Tourette.

Waffles4Tourette™ aims to make the most delicious Gaufres DeLiège (Belgian-style sugarwaffles) while raising awareness for Tourette Syndrome.

Waffles are made most Saturdays either at Hobbs Coffee (November through May) or at the Swarthmore Farmers Market (May through November). If you never had one of these waffles you need to get one right now. They’re amazing!

This 1920’s Atwater Kent Radio Speaker Horn is Model L with a brown logo. The bell is approximately 14” wide. The base is made from reclaimed Willow Oak and Walnut. These horns were originally manufactured in Philadelphia, PA.

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