Siren #26: Francher's Find

Siren #26: Francher's Find


This Standard Amplifying Horn was used with an Edison and/or Columbia cylinder phonograph. It would have come with a support crane. The horn was manufactured by the Tea Tray Company of Newark, NJ around the turn of the century. It has the original paper decal marked “Accepted Standard Amplifying Horn For Talking Machines”.

This is a Black and Gold Horn has a brass bell and reclaimed cherry base. It stands about 24” tall.

Pat bought this Siren in 2016 at the Swarthmore Farmers Market. We didn’t know Pat at the time; he spent many hours agonizing over which horn his supervisor would like. He bought a different horn, and then came back with his wife to exchange if for this one. Pat and Donna also bought our first waddle of 15 penguins. We are thrilled they live in their home.

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