Siren #136: Molly

Siren #136: Molly


Molly is a part of The James Joist Anthology. Molly was Leopold’s wife, who had an affair with her sleazy manager Blazes.

These horns were all built from an old joist.  To be honest, we’re not sure where the joist came from, it was just in the shop, and probably has no affiliation with anybody named James.  But we’re taking some literary license and our friend James did help us fix our lathe.  And Bethany performed in a version of Ulysses in Philadelphia.  But those are different stories.

This particular antique/vintage car horn is approximately 8” tall with a 5.75 bell. The base is finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax & mineral oil). You may wish to re-oil your base occasionally.

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