Siren# 134: Standard Gossip, $600

Siren# 134: Standard Gossip, $600


When Thomas Edison was 12, he started working on the new Grand Trunk Railway that operated between Port Huron and Detroit, selling newspapers and refreshments.  Passengers were all interested in news and gossip, both about businesses and personal affairs.  Edison got to know all of the passengers and staff on the train, and realized he was in a unique position to share information and gossip about what was happening along the railroad.  He set up a makeshift printing press in part of an empty car, and started selling 400 copies weekly of “The Grand Trunk Herald.”

This “Standard” Edison Phonograph Horn has 10 convex petals and its original decal. Siren #134 stands approximately 32” tall with a 19” bell. This type of horn would have been used with an Edison cylinder phonograph with a support crane. The base is made from a large piece of hard maple that was left as a gift on our front porch. The base is finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax & mineral oil). You may wish to re-oil your base occasionally.

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