Siren #133: Bewitcherry

Siren #133: Bewitcherry


The Tea Tray Company was started by Walter Conger with the goal of producing reasonably priced tea trays - the only tea trays available at the time were expensive imports from England. By 1874, the Tea Tray Company had cornered the US tea tray market, with $125,000 in annual sales of mechanically produced trays that resembled expensive imported hand rubbed trays. They also dabbled in the production of phonograph horns.

This is a Black & Gold Witch’s Hat Phonograph Horn with its original decal. These horns were originally manufactured by the Tea Tray Company in Newark, Nj around the turn of the century. This phonograph horn stands approximately 29.5” tall with a 16.75” bell and would have come with a support crane. The base is made from a reclaimed cherry wood mantel and finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax & mineral oil). You may wish to re-oil your base occasionally.

Bewitcherry currently resides with Todd and Jessica Strine.

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