Siren #125: Barnyard Banter, $225

Siren #125: Barnyard Banter, $225


Currently available at Harvey Oak Mercantile.

In addition to honking your horn in the streets, you can now boost your favorite music throughout your home with one of our automobile horns.

We love the screens on these old horns. The screens keep the bugs out. These type of horns would have been mounted on the side of a car or motorcycle and used to have a reed and rubber ball attached to them.

This sweet Antique/Vintage horn resides with a reclaimed rustic barn beam from Montgomery, PA. We bought this beam from Ed Buck. The beam has its original cracks, nail holes, and adze marks. The base is finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax & mineral oil). You may wish to re-oil the base occasionally.

This horn is approximately 9” tall with a 3.25” bell.

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