Siren #76: Black & White, $500

Siren #76: Black & White, $500


Currently available at Harvey Oak Mercantile.

This is a black and white H & S Red Morning Glory Phonograph Horn. These flower horns were manufactured in Philadelphia, PA in the early 1900’s. This particular flower horn has 8 panels, stands approximately 25” tall, and an 18.5” bell.  The base is made from salvaged walnut and finished with Betty’s Board Butter (beeswax & mineral oil).  You may wish to re-oil the base occasionally.

It is thought that the basic design of the petalled horn was probably invented by Hawthorne and Sheble’s Horace Sheble. Sheble applied for a patent of a petalled horn in January, 1905.

Petalled horns were also referred to as “morning glory horns” or “flower horns,” and had either convex or concave scallops. These horns were cheaper to manufacture than brass horns and they distributed the sound better.

Major petalled horn manufacturers included Standard Metal Manufacturing, Hawthorne and Sheble, the Searchlight Company, and the Tea Tray Company.

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