Siren #1: First Born

Siren #1: First Born


The was the first horn we ever built and the first Sawdust Siren we ever sold. We have absolutely no idea where or how we found this particular horn.

We originally built this horn for ourselves. Bethany got the idea in 2011 while thumbing through a magazine on break during a rehearsal with Peggy Baker at the Performance Garage in Philadelphia. She tore out the page and brought it home to Conrad. Can we make something like this? But with that phonograph horn we have? We eventually got around to building that first Siren in 2012.

This gorgeous Antique Red and Silver Morning Glory Phonograph Horn has 8 panels and is married to a reclaimed cherry base. She lives in the private collection of Maria Urrutia and Adam Smith.

Our Sawdust Sirens are quite portable. First Born has been taken on camping trips and used in several dance performances.

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