Rhododendron & Metal Earrings, $22

Rhododendron & Metal Earrings, $22


These Rhododendron & Metal Earrings were made from prunings from Tyler Arboretum’s rhododendron collection. They are extremely lightweight, nickel free, and approximately 2.5” long x 1.75” wide.

If you haven’t been to Tyler Arboretum yet, you should. It’s absolutely magical. One of the oldest arboreta in the northeastern U.S., Tyler Arboretum encompasses 650 acres of renowned plant collections, heritage and champion trees, historic buildings and 17 miles of hiking trails through woodlands, wetlands and meadows.

Our wooden jewelry is made from organic material and is not water-proof. You may want to remove your earrings before water based activities, like swimming or showering, so you may enjoy them longer.

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