Kentucky Yellowwood Candle Holders, $10-$14

Kentucky Yellowwood Candle Holders, $10-$14


These candle holders were made from the historic Kentucky Yellowwood at Bartram’s Garden. It is one of their oldest trees. The tree was originally found by French plant explorer, Andre Michaux, in central Tennessee in 1796. He sent the tree to William Bartram at the beginning of the 19th century. The Yellowwood was significantly damaged during a wind storm in June 2010. Luckily the tree is recovering.

We love all that Bartram’s Garden does for Philadelphia and its surrounding communities. Grounds are free and open to the public. You should go check out this Philly gem.

Movement in the wood is considered normal. Cracks can sometimes occur in these holders as they age. This is considerd to be part of their natural beauty.

Small: Approximately 2.25” wide x 2.75” tall, $10

Medium: Approximately 3” wide x 2..75” tall. $14

Candle Care: Trim wick 1/4”. Burn within sight. Keep away from children, pets, flammable material, and drafts. Use with a tea light with a metal casing. Enjoy!

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